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NOTICE: As of June 11, 2019, Cotiviti (aka: MediConnect, Verscend) will no longer be accepting new orders for Medical Record Retrieval for Life and Legal Clients.

It has been a fulfilling partnership with our clients in this space, but given changes in the business climate, we are exiting the Life and Legal Medical Chart Review business. Cotiviti will continue to develop solutions that improve the financial and quality performance for the healthcare space. More information on our healthcare solutions can be found at

If you are a current customer of the Life and Legal Medical Chart Review business, orders that have been submitted prior to June 14, 2019 will continue to be filled until July 12, 2019. A communication with more information has been sent to your point of contact on record. If there are any additional questions, please contact Cotiviti Life and Legal at 800-489-8549 or email us at

MediConnect is now Verscend

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